What is the difference between a certificate and certification? RAPS

What is the difference between a certificate and certification?

Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program

  • A series of online courses designed to give you knowledge in specific healthcare product areas including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or a combined certificate in both.                
  • Once earned, you receive a certificate that does not have ongoing maintenance or renewal requirements.        
  • This regulatory affairs certificate is a stand-alone document signifying successful completion of the courses.      

Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC)

  • A professional credential recognizing you have proficiency in and a level of comprehension of regulatory knowledge in healthcare product areas.
  • Once earned, the RAC credential is maintained by recertifying every three years by acquiring 36-credits from a regulatory-oriented activity.
  • The RAC credential is a professional certification earned by passing an exam, administrated by an accredited third-party testing provider.
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